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We will show you how to:

  • Organize Your Website
  • Review Website Content
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Maintain Search Engine Optimization
  • Configure for Mobile Devices
  • Create Market Relevant Content
  • Implement Call-To-Actions
  • Utilize Questionnaires for Feedback
  • Communicate on Social Media
  • Adapt To Market Changes
  • Set Business Objective
  • Get Insight From Your Analytics

What We Do

Mezzohead Media is a software company that is revolutionizing the way technology is applied to your digital presence. We specialize in creating solutions that guarantee brand consistency, enhance the customer experience and provide valuable insight with data analytics.


The insight that your data provides you is critical for making great business decisions. Implementing a consistent branding message with a blueprinted business process will provide your business meaningful feedback from your customers. With all of our products and services, we provide detailed analytics that give you the insight to make effective business decisions.

Brand Consistency

The first priority of your business is to establish your brand. Your brand tells your customers what you stand for, and how much you believe in your own message. This inspires brand loyalty and a constant message to the public. Our products and services provide solutions that make this process effortless and consistent across all mediums.

Customer Experience

Customer opinion becomes your social report card. Your customers must have a consistent experience when dealing with your brand. This means you must have blueprinted business processes in place to guarantee a consistent message. Let our 20+ years of proven experience in business processes engineering, guarantee a consistent experience for your customers.

Our Services

Technology Review

The goal of a Technology Review is to make your website easier for your customers to find, and highlight any technologies that should or should not be used in your business. Let our skilled professionals bring your online presence up-to-date with the latest technology standards.

We will teach you how keeping your website relevant by, updating your content regularly, cleaning up irregular coding practices, and maintain your site information with the major search engines.

Digital Analytics

With the use of Google Analytics, we will teach you how to monitor your sites performance, track your existing marketing efforts, and implement the latest marketing tactics and strategies.

Our digital analysts will assist your marketing staff with driving new customers to your business through proper call-to-actions and clever conversion paths.

Software Development

With over 20 years of software development experience, we are very accustom to the rapid changes in technology. Our desire to use the latest technologies to create and maintain business solutions, fuels our passion.

Our software developers are a talented group of people that can assist your company in blue-printing your business process, and implementing cutting-edge solutions that save your business time and money.

Newlybride: The Ultimate Wedding Advisor

The next evolutionary step for all things bridal on the web

What is Newlybride?

It’s a advice platform that incorporates the best of bridal, the best of social media, and the best of technology. We’re bringing it all together in one truly magical way.

It's an environment that supports the needs of the bride by making the search for knowledge effortless. From the very first search, what you get is the best advice seen through the eyes of brides to be, newlyweds, wedding professionals, and curated experts.

Different Points of View...

When everyone chimes in on a pre-organized wedding topic, the result is a phenomenally rich symphony of ideas from virtually every point of view.

For example, the perspective that a photographer has on a wedding venue may provide valuable insight that could impact the overall color palette of a wedding. The possibilities are endless!


What is a Mezzohead?

Pronounced [mez-zo hed], mezzohead is a noun and a company.

1. A person that uses their left and right brain equally to create exceptional solutions that are logical and creative in nature. (noun)

2. A technology company that specializes in business process automation, brand consistency and analytics. (company)

Simply put, a mezzohead is person that uses their left and right brain equally to create exceptional solutions that are logical and creative in nature.  In essence, a mezzohead is as logical as they are creative.

Inherently in business, a mezzoheaded individual has a unique ability to see a creative solution to a problem where it may seem that logic would be the only recourse; and vise versa.  This unique ability is what we look for when recruiting talented individuals to join our team.  For you the customer, this means that it is more likely for Mezzohead Media to always deliver clever, cost-effective solutions that guarantee longevity for your business.