SEO & Social Branding

Search Engine Optimization & Advanced SEO

Search Engine Optimization is just as important to your marketing plan as any other traditional marketing method. In today's market, over 50% of all traffic to your website is generated through organic web searches on search engines like Google and Bing. We offer an exceptional level of service with comprehensive packages that can help you meet the demands of the electronic market and prepare you for future changes.

As search and social engines continue to enhance their algorithms, it is imperative for your business to say up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry. Since the introduction of Advanced SEO techniques like Microdata Schema, major online businesses have been leveraging this technology to stay ahead of their competition. Let us help your business to do the same.

Social Branding

Creating a cohesive branding message is essential for success online. And, since you can generate a sales lead from almost any source, you want to make sure that each marketing channel you use provides an all-around cohesive look, feel, and message. We can help you to navigate around the social media landscape and help prepare you to speak clearly across all digital formats.

SEO is forever changing. Let us help you navigate.

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Web & Mobile Applications

E-commerce & Web Applications

With knowledge deeply rooted in the full software development lifecycle, we have over 25 years of experience creating just about any information software system you can think of. From the user interface to the back-end database, our team is extremely proficient in creating customised business solutions that that can assist your company in blue-printing your business process, and implementing cutting-edge solutions that save time and money.

Mezzohead Media also specializes in creating custom e-commerce solutions. Our solutions integrate fully with your new or existing website, providing world-class shopping cart functionality through the Stripe payment infrastructure. We've chosen the Stripe platform because of its global reach, quality of service, extreme reliability, and affordability. To learn more, please visit

Mobile Development

Mobile application development is definitely the wave of the future. With over 50% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, businesses will be forced to compete in the mobile market space to stay competitive. More importantly, the way your mobile application performs is also critical to the experience the mobile user encounters. With over 10 years of high-volume government mobile experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide custom mobile development services for the iOS and Android platforms.

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