We've built a product that incorporates the best of bridal, the best of social networking, and the latest technology for wedding pros and enthusiasts.


Newlybride is a great way to search for wedding tips and articles from your favorite wedding industry insiders. Each post is catalogued by topic and is listed in a concise Tip format, providing uncanny insight and links to additional web resources.


If you’ve gone through the wedding journey or you want to help make others’ wedding days unforgettable, Newlybride is the right place for you. Share those wedding do’s, don’t’s, and how to’s that could help lead up and coming brides in the right direction.


For you bridal pros that take weddings seriously, Newlybride is the perfect way for you to create a web presence and establish yourself as one of the industry’s best. By posting meaningful Tips, brides will find it easy to trust you and the value that you bring.

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Google webmaster tools provide a wealth of information about getting your site ready to be found. We will make sure that your site is configured with a sitemap, properly verified, and registered as a business.

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No site is complete without the ability to track your performance. We'll make sure your analytics account is properly configured, and we'll turn on the advanced features that give you better insight into your web traffic.

Ad Keywords

If you are already investing in online ads such as Google Adsense or Bing Ads, we will take the time to review your ad account and make sure your keywords are optimal for your campaign.

Website Branding

Cohesive branding is the name of the game. We will analyze the consistency of your website's word content, and social media accounts to make sure your brand appeal is properly conveyed.

Advanced SEO

The primary goal of the major search engines is to provide the best possible and relevant content to their users. In order for them to do that, they provide us with advanced tools like microdata to meet them half way. We will do the necessary programming to make sure your site takes full advantage of latest technology.

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